Geocare — a love that grows each day

This story is about my company. We have been travelling together for three years. It keeps me motivated, grounded and purposeful. Geocare made my digital nomad life possible.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I have a customer support company. No one is impressed.

Customer support sounds uninteresting, undistinguished and unprofitable. I am not sure why. I assume everyone imagines tedious customers screaming over the phone, or complaining via email, overwhelmed operators and frustrating conversations. How can anyone feel happy to work within the customer support industry, let alone start a business?

I’ll eagerly raise my hand to that question and tell you quickly how it all came together. My favourite game as a I child was to pretend that I had an office and to fill out papers all day long. This was before I knew how to write. I would involve my friends and we would all pretend to answer important calls, write and properly classify documents as well as closing very good deals. My favourite subject in school was English. I studied English with the same amount of passion whether it was for fun or for national competitions. I naturally moved towards a career that involved foreign languages and administration.

I ended up studying more foreign languages in Italy and working in different offices. I also ended up working as an online freelancer in Sweden, doing various admin and European language-related jobs. Meanwhile, my client base grew and the next natural step was to open my own business and set up a team to help with various projects.

This was almost six years ago. Since then, Geocare and my life took a composed attitude towards making money, a resolute one towards quality and a very sensitive one towards the human element.

“High quality work and excellent service for our customers!”

“We love working with you. You and your team are a blessing.”

“Thank you for the great work as usual.”

“We have enjoyed a premium service for over five years with thanks to the GeoCare team and look forward to growing further together.”

“Geocare Support has been brilliant in all aspects and has gone above my expectations. You have taken care of my customers in the best way.”

When a potential client contacts me, it will usually be the owner of a small to medium-sized company. It could be e-commerce, entertainment and/or educational applications, or any other online services. It will be someone in need of social media, email or call support, usually in multiple languages. But it will also be someone terrified of outsourcing and worried about how their products or services are constantly influenced by the fluctuating and unpredictable level of customer satisfaction. How will they be able to trust a third company to offer the same level of support as they would? How will someone be as equally interested in constantly learning about the product, in getting to know and appreciate the services offered and be motivated to do a great job?

And it makes sense. Big call centres are famous for being impersonal, robotic and for not cultivating an environment where the customer’s needs come first or where proactiveness provides instant solutions. Big call centres handle big companies without specific criteria. They often recycle overworked and overstressed operators. They are structured on statistics and numbers. They are functioning at a level where the human factor is basically non-existent. They are everything I don’t want Geocare to be.

Geocare is what I like to call a boutique support centre — great quality for a great price.

During these 5 years as CEO, I’ve made sure my business kept its soul independently of how much it grew and how much revenue it made.

I am utterly in love with Geocare and I will do whatever stands in my power to stir it forward using the same positive principles that got us where we are already — a can-do attitude, a can-fix and a can-help no matter what.

💙 🌐

Originally published at on October 25, 2018.

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