On A Side Note

Georgiana Bularca
1 min readAug 10, 2022


Amsterdam 08.22

Do you mind if I ask, after we dance
If I may sit on your secret thoughts
Naturally adjusting my feminine posture
To properly match your hand inclination

A naked colour body-shaped paper
For your fountain pen to touch gently
Words pairing in distant parentheses
Forming sentences on my lip crevices

Human clay to mould behind the eye curtain
Infused with knowledge of hidden passages
Directing life’s symphony in foreign accent
And blindly dive in pools of visual pleasure

Do you mind if I ask, after we’re apart
If I can create from our invisible thread
A whole new world of memory prompts
Made of silk waves and black ocean scent

Where time runs up the perpendicular line
Creating the soft spoken duality of you and I
Fast forwarding action in pink retrospective
A flyer advertising life on a different planet

Pen’s demanding for its closing chapter
Pacing up and down mind’s hidden path
There’s a question mark you left behind
Do you have space for all of the above?



Georgiana Bularca

Full-Time Traveller (100+ countries) — Life Lover thinking and feeling around the world