Four sentences to explain human composition
In a conference room where no one is listening:

Red is a colour that becomes so by comparison
Feelings, same spectrum, by being so primary
Mathematics, the basis for proving everything
I, the compendium of logic behind chemicals.

Four sentences to explain human interaction
On a screen the untamed animals are watching:

Dialog is an opioid for problems unsolved
Delayed gratification for when I see you again
Verbal foreplay with a touch of accolades
Granting that all natural communication fails.

Four sentences to explain human behaviour
On a sunny sidewalk full of busy pedestrians:

Design is a way to please the perplexed mind
Universe, god’s foremost and last work of art
Belief, man’s most elaborated book of white lies
You, the avid consumer of all available accounts.



Georgiana Bularca

Full-Time Traveller (100+ countries) — Life Lover thinking and feeling around the world