What Do You Need?

Georgiana Bularca
1 min readJan 25, 2023
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Fantasy relies heavily on basic necessities.
Thoughts swing from internal opioids.
The story of your life is always different
Based on the beliefs of who’s listening.

Earth bends but you couldn’t care less.
(L)attitude defines stranded coordinates.
Road’s parallel to what you desire less.
I’m the anti-meridian, wherever you turn.

If you have everything and yet feel needy
Does the subtraction require more adding?
If you stop needing are you yourself still?
Is there a wish you’re not yet expressing?

Perhaps you need birds that never sing?
Wild lions that sleep for all eternity?
A lack of breeze that blows everything?
Drops like dust that never settles?

Do you need the grey sea to be calm?
The sand less white? Or pure black?
The cappuccino foam to be less thick?
Do you need honey to be mostly bitter?

Blankets that never warm your body?
Eternal rest while you keep running?
Wise old books full of wrong sentences?
Anniversaries missing from the calendar?

Perhaps more people so you can feel lonelier?
Intense memories that don’t mean a thing?
A hug and a kiss that were never requested?
Do you need anything closely related to me?



Georgiana Bularca

Full-Time Traveller (100+ countries) — Life Lover thinking and feeling around the world